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Strategic Healthís Patient Satisfaction/ Organizational Improvement Surveys provide more information on how patients perceive your hospital is doing. Instead of relying on a printed survey thatís mailed out long after impressions have faded and stands an 89% chance of landing in the trash, we contact discharged patients by telephone within 24 hours of leaving the hospital. Typically, we reach 75 to 80% successfully. Thatís seven times the response, which means seven times the information.

And, rather than requiring patients to select the most appropriate response from a pre-printed list that may not be appropriate at all, we question each respondent personally, which allows us to probe for the proper information and paint a more representative picture of a patientís experience. The result is more information thatís more in-depth and based on fresher recollections.


Opportunities lost are seldom regained. Quarterly reporting of patient satisfaction surveys is a system rife with lost opportunities.

Lost, for example, is the opportunity for prompt recognition of employees who provide service above and beyond the call of duty. Lost is the opportunity to solve unacceptable situations when it might be simple, rather than facing the more difficult challenge of trying to solve the same problem after it has become systemic. Lost is the opportunity to placate disgruntled patients before an opportunistic attorney persuades them to file suit.

Strategic Health provides reports every week. We can, of course, report on a bi-weekly or even monthly basis if that fits your operation. But we discourage our clients from letting survey information sit unused on the shelf, and encourageóeven assistóthem in interpreting and implementing improvements as quickly as possible. We even supply month-to-month comparisons so our clients can track results and follow trends.


The first steps in the process, planning and preparation, always involve input from your managers, patient representatives, nursing directors, administrators, and others as appropriate for your organizational structure. Customized survey methods and questions are developed to provide the kind of information essential to your hospital in a format that can be easily understood and utilized.

Strategic Health personnel are experienced experts in evaluating survey information, collaborating with hospital personnel to devise operational improvements, and suggesting successful methods of implementing those improvements. Our team then tracks the success of those improvements through evaluation of future patient satisfaction surveys, keeping your staff informed of how new initiatives are performing in accomplishing their objectives.

Even though we involve your personnel at every stage and work closely with them throughout the process, rest assured that Strategic Health puts in the hard time and carries the heavy load of data collection and analysis, so your people are free from the burden of number crunching and can concentrate on providing superior service to your patients.

Our systems and process are also designed to protect the privacy of your patients and assure confidentiality, and are fully compliant with HIPPA regulations. JCAHO requirements are also fulfilled with our programs, and our surveys are compatible with the proposed survey regulations of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.


Strategic Healthís Patient Satisfaction and Organizational Improvement Survey programs offer your hospital more of everythingómore information, more timely information, and more useful information.

One place you wonít find more with us, however, is when you compare costs. Youíll pay about the same for our program that you pay for those pre-printed paper postcard plans. But keep in mind that their response rate is around 11% while ours exceeds 70%, so you get a lot more information for the money. Personal interviews provide more in-depth information, more timely reports give you the ability to act more quickly, and more useful information allows you to implement more meaningful improvementsóall for about what you would pay for outdated information of limited usefulness.

Find out what your discharged patients really think and how to improve your performance. Call Strategic Health today.

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